These are some areas that we have been involved in, are currently involved in or will be involved in in the near future.

  1. Mallard Stocking Program during the 1970's
  2. Boat Safety Program, May 14, 1975
  3. Supported "Protect Moosehead Association" from 250,000 gallons of semi-treated waste daily
  4. Right of way committee
  5. Fishing Contest during summer months
  6. Field Day for bird dog displays
  7. Annual Deer Pool (Buck and Doe Contest)
  8. Operation "Respect" Program - hunting by permission only - Provided signs for any request
  9. Provided address cards for area Law Enforcement Officers
  10. Courtesy Cards requesting that entrances to sporting areas not be blocked
  11. Gun Stock Finishing and Knife Sharpening Clinic
  12. Information, Photos on Deer - Dog problems
  13. Woodcock seminar
  14. Fly-Tying Clinics and Spin Casting Clinic
  15. Reloading Clinic
  16. Duck Box Program
  17. Provided assistance and funds for Clay Pond Reclaim Project
  18. Sponsor Junior Members to Maine Conservation School
  19. Weekly Trap Shoots at new range
  20. Sighting - In Day
  21. Provided funds for Round Pond Reclaim Project - 1978 - $220
  22. Provided "Maine Sportsman" and "Maine Fish and Game" to area Schools and Libraries - 1978 to present
  23. Contributed Money ($5,000) to Maine Bird Dog Club to help their Brownfield Bog areas, 1978
  24. Sponsored "Sportsman's Congress" - 1978
  25. Participated in Maine Deer Task Force, sponsored by SAM - 1981
  26. Running Deer Shoots, every fall for several years
  27. Built and Maintained Rifle Range - 1976 to present
  28. Hunter Safety Programs, annually since 1976
  29. Nostalgia Night - 1982, 1983, 1999, 2000
  30. Provided fishing equipment to Fryeburg Health Care Center
  31. Western Maine Gun Show - 1983 to 1994
  32. Participated in Moose Referendum (Provided funds - $1,000)
  33. Participated in Area Stocking Programs
  34. Provided funds for Computer Terminal at Gray Fisheries and Wildlife Office
  35. Provide two (2) Scholarships annually at Fryeburg Academy
  36. Fryeburg Fair Booth - 1974 to present
  37. Donation to Fryeburg Academy Chemical Awareness Program - 1984
  38. SAM "Tracks" Program - Provided to area schools - 1985 to present
  39. Donation of Generator to Fryeburg Rescue
  40. Donation for New Unit Fund, Fryeburg Rescue
  41. Donation - Vincent Manoriti Fund - Fryeburg Academy
  42. Life Memberships to Clarence Walker, Louis Solari, Harold Sanborn, Greg Sanborn and Bob Sanderson
  43. Donation to National Trappers Association Education Program in Public Libraries and in MSAD #72 Libraries
  44. Donation to Wild Turkey Project
  45. Donated $1,000 for Liming and Seeding at the Island Game Management Area
  46. Pruned and fertilized apple trees at island
  47. Donated apple trees for Farnsworth area
  48. Donation to SAM to help advertise gun ownership referendum - 1987
  49. Donation - $200 - to Wirt Eaton Scholarship Fund
  50. Cooperated with State of Maine and Maine National Guard to improve Lovewell's Pond access road
  51. Bog Pond access, enlarged 1989, originally developed in 1975
  52. Affiliate members of SAM and NRA
  53. Provided materials and technical assistance to area schools for Duck Box Construction
  54. Provided funds for National Trappers Association to hire lobbyist to combat anti-trapping sentiments