Normal Operating Hours - As posted below:
Friday, October 14th; Saturday October 15th
Friday, October 21st; Saturday October 22nd
Friday, October 28th; Saturday October 29th
Range will be open from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm on above dates
The following rules must be observed at all times:

ALWAYS keep firearm pointed in a safe direction

ALWAYS keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot

ALWAYS keep firearms unloaded until ready to use

ALWAYS know you target and what is beyond

  1. Public use of the range is limited to times when a MDIFW approved Range Safety Officer is present to monitor shooting activity. All users of the range must comply with the directions of the MDIFW Range Safety Officer.
  2. Eye and ear protection will be used at all times on firing line.
  3. The only allowable targets are paper targets affixed to the provided target stands. Exploding targets are Prohibited.
  4. Loaded firearms may not be possessed, handled or discharged from any location other than an established firing line. Lawfully carried loaded handguns can be possessed throughout the facility.
  5. Use of shotguns is limited to slugs on 100 yard range. Shot loads only to be use of trap range.
  6. Armor piercing, incendiary, explosive or tracer ammunitions are prohibited. Caliber .50BMG, or larger, are prohibited.
  7. Maximum distance for shooting pistols or revolvers is 25 yards. Firearms used for hunting may be zeroed on the rifle range.
  8. The use, or possession, of intoxicating beverages or controlled substances is prohibited.
  9. Littering is prohibited. Place trash in provided containers or carry out.
  10. The range may not be used by persons under 16 years of age, unless accompanied by a person 21 years of age or older.
  11. Excavating or removing of any material from berms is prohibited.
  12. The following are prohibited on the range facility:
    1. ATV’v, dirt bikes, bicycles, snowmobiles, kites, model airplanes and drones.
    2. Hunting or trapping
    3. Cutting or removing trees
    4. Golfing or driving golf balls
    5. Archery broad-heads
    6. Fireworks
The Fryeburg Rifle Range located on Fish and Game Road (Fire Lane 16) in Fryeburg will be closed on the following dates: 
  • The first Wednesday of each month 8:00 AM - Noon for range clean-up. Volunteers are welcome.